Puma Sole DXB 2017, Dubai

Designed by: Farid Noufaily
For client: Puma Middle East Floor area: 325.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度快闪店

About the Project

For 2017, the overall Theme for Sole DXB was 'Tokyo Japan'. Every year, we work very closely with the Marketing, Retail, and events teams from Puma to design a structure that goes beyond just a trade stand, but one, which focuses on experience. This particular year’s challenge was to balance the 4 program elements of the structure; a self contained retail store, a flexible unique ‘Club Room’ room accessible to the rest of the experience, the First FLoor internal and external facing performance space, and the bars.

Taking the influence of modern and traditional Japan both visually and culturally, the overall structure invokes the traditional joinery aesthetic. Elegantly simple details repeated until it develops into a complex overall structure. We were fascinated with the potential of layering. The alleyway - a brilliant idea during our workshops with the clients - became the main artery connecting the different program elements together. Regardless of where you are in the structure, there was always a sense of layering of the different programs and activities taking place on between the two levels and the different working spaces. This stimulus layering of, sound, light, visibility, and activity was what made the concept such a success.

What’s unique about it

Despite 5 years experience in working on the Puma SoleDXB structures, it’s a challenge to accommodate the different program elements both in relation to the overall event master plan and internal flow within the prescribed 14m x 14m footprint. When designing for venue and commercial spaces we strongly believe in the mantra that 'people attract people'. Everyone wants to be where the action is and people enjoying a space will always be the best attractors, but also the best retainers towards building an experience.

We're proud to say that every year we work tightly with our fabricators to recycle the Puma Sole DXB structure from the year before. Every year we recycle up to 85% of all the steel and wood elements in the structure. Whatever cannot be recycled we trade or sell back to the different suppliers to minimize waste.

This strategy is one we’ve had with our client from the first structure built in 2014. The intention from the beginning was to invest in container structures that would become a flexible base for us to begin every year and the saving have been rewarding.

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