Playster Headquarters, Montreal

Designed by: ACDF Architecture
For client: Playster Floor area: 1670.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: 最佳色彩运用

About the Project

Playster is a young, fast-growing company that provides a global subscription-based entertainment service with offices in New York and Los Angeles. ACDF Architecture was commissioned to design its headquarters on Peel Street in downtown Montreal. To give their clients an environment suited to the company’s high energy and creativity, the architects transformed the space using a contemporary, open concept design highlighted by a clever play of bright colours and white surfaces. The architects proposed an exciting chromatic pattern that reinvents the 1670-square-metre space. Reminiscent of the company’s logo, blocks of colour saturate the walls and carpets creating a strong visual impact and demarcate different zones in a fluid progression. The colours encourage team gatherings in the open space and stimulate a sense of belonging among the employees as each team has its own colour. ACDF’s flexible, open-plan workspace design adapts to small-group work sessions as well as large collaborative and creative atmospheres. A white corridor balances the strong identity of the colourful areas. It acts as a spine, connecting meeting rooms and linking the bright sections to one another, functioning as a place of respite from the lively vibe of the offices. White vinyl panels in the corridor define several breakout areas where employees can have a chat and rest from their busy schedules.

What’s unique about it

ACDF adopted responsible practices on both ecological and economical levels when designing Playster’s offices. In order to make the best out of the existing setting, and thus saving resources and money, the architects started with a careful analysis of the layout. From that perspective, original components were reused and completely reimagined. The different rooms and open spaces that existed are restructured by the clever play of bright colours and white surfaces. Playster now enjoys flexible and stimulating offices, where creative work emerges from fruitful social interactions.

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