Casaplata, Seville

For client: PICALABIO GROUP Floor area: 140.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度酒吧

Public Score
6.45 Function
6.45 Innovation
6.50 Creativity

About the Project

The project has been developed on an up-and-coming district in the city of Seville. The idea was to transform an uninteresting cafeteria that had occupied the site since the 1990s into a contemporary cocktail bar.

In this context a lot of bars and restaurants are looking for a historical revival from the past. In contrast, our project is betting on the future, avoiding nostalgia and looking for our own and singular image.

As Georgio Morandi's still lives this project can be defined as some strong color pieces that stand out over a silver gray atmosphere. All these with the aim of reinforcing the experience by blurring the lines of the environment to focus on what is within reach.

On this underdone stage appear vaporous furniture made on colored perforated sheet. Pieces include tables made of perforated lacquered metal that provides both texture and transparency . Some tables are also equipped with wheels to facilitate different groupings.

The circles counterbalance the rigid geometry of the rooms. Another softening tactic was the addition of pinkish pigment to the plaster used on the walls, a treatment that resulted in a silver-grey finish that significantly brightens the space.

The graphic, clean-lined lighting fixtures, meanwhile, further reinforce the geometry of the building. Among the most prominent is a large circular one hanging in the main area. LEDs create discreet tonal shifts as day progresses into night.

What’s unique about it

We would like to be taken into consideration the effectiveness to achieve this space with a strong identity and a unique personality using only a restricted range of materials and with few decorative elements.

The result is both an expressive interior, rich in meaning and mentions, but also in an austere content.

We made the most of a small budget under 150.000€.

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