Jury prize

Panlong Plaza Yinxing Cinema, Wuhan

For client: Hubei Xiang Sheng & Insun Entertainment Co., Ltd. Floor area: 4000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度娱乐场所

Public Score
5.00 Function
5.09 Innovation
5.17 Creativity

About the Project

Designers think out of the box and use adverse thinking by imagining the space as a cubic volume and applying subtraction concept to shape the space. It does not only emphasize the form of the architecture, but also interestingly combines the elements of architecture and interior design. Through projection, objects are being enlarged. Applying this theory into the cinema, the space is conceived as a volume and numerous projections are subtracted from it, in which the remaining space will be in an irregular and tilted structure. Carrying out this conceptual idea in real requires high techniques because every part of the titled structure is of difference. It is indeed precisely positioned even it looks like a causal arrangement. This requires extra time to create by producing digital drawings and a lot of 3D models.

What’s unique about it

The same concept is applied to the corridor by subtracting projections in the cubic volume that forms a titled structure. In between the slanted blocks in the ceiling, some lights are inserted to highlight the special structure. The furniture is also in a simple square form and in cement in two shades of grey , echoing throughout the entire interior.

The use of grey color extends to the chairs, wall and carpet in the auditoriums. The walls are made with acoustic panels in the pattern of the outline of lobby’s space structure. Lights are installed in between the acoustic panels, creating an illusion of a 3D effect. The pattern on the wall is also applied to the carpet, unifying the auditorium with the entire space of the cinema.

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