Designed by: Design studio U.LAB
For client: LOTTE Department store Floor area: 467.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

`ON AND THE BEAUTY` is a cosmetics select shop that seeks the essence of beauty. The shop was designed with the mission to help consumers fully experience the products and find their own brand that matches their skin type. Before we started on designing the space, we had thought about what the essential meaning of makeup is. As a result, we defined makeup as 'a beautiful painting on the face'. We regarded the essence of makeup, as a combination of `dot, line, and face`. And we thought this concept is the best way to express the value of the `ON AND THE BEAUTY`. `Dot, line, and face` were used as the basic elements of space, and we thought such a space fits the fundamental meaning of makeup. In addition, we intended on making space lively by using colors that fits to the main target, like color makeup. Depending on how makeup is done, the skin color looks diverse and also three-dimensional. Therefore, various colors were applied from light ivory to strong pink. Pink colors with varying shades are applied to the ‘dot, line, and face’ elements of the space, making the space lively. In addition, Digital devices which allows makeup curation is adopted, which diagnoses the skin of customers and recommends products which matches the customers. Digital devices were also applied in design as an element of `dot`, which is combined naturally into the furniture. All of these elements are combined into a design that express the consistent concept. : The essence of makeup.

What’s unique about it

The basis of the `ON AND THE BEAUTY` design is that it starts from the essence of makeup. We sublimated the act of makeup into a beautiful painting which is made by the elements `dot, line, face`. Thus, we designed the entire space thinking of it as a well-done makeup face. ‘Layered-faces’ zoned the whole space, `lines` are applied to lighting illuminating the space, and `dots` are applied to the furniture. We were also inspired by the color makeup. The pink color was applied to entire space as the `line` element to make space lively. In addition to product sales, `ON AND THE BEAUTY` also tried new contents based on makeup culture. Even in operational aspects, digital devices and contents were also designed to maintain consistent concept, with the elements of `dot, line and face`. Cultural contents, products and space design, which started from makeup give a new joy to consumers in the makeup culture.

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