Anti-Boundary: PART International Art and Design Eduction Center

Designed by: XuTai Studio
For client: Yu Tong Floor area: 320.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for:

About the Project

PART International Art and Design Eduction Center takes the form of a 25*10 ㎡square with a original MEP platform as the entrance. The inner space meets various needs: a teaching studio for 30 people, which can be converted to a lecture or exhibition hall for 50 people; 4 separate smaller studios, offices, reception rooms, VIP lounges, bathrooms. Confronted with the unfriendly surroundings, the initial idea was to mark off the interior from the exterior, and to blur the boundary between indoor areas. The scope and numbers of windows to maximize natural lights. And the glassy fences serve to provide undisrupted views while separating landscape. The original partition boards have been removed to create an all-open space. The independent studios have been comparted by ceiling-high and transparent glass walls to guarantee desired functionsand views, and to eliminate the sense of confinement. A circular block combining the corridor and landscape has been designed to facilitate exhibitions and lectures, forming acontinuous and draughty traffic in the space.

What’s unique about it

The concept of this project was to design a space that is anti-boundary for creative students to learn art and a place can inspire ideas. PART owns the space that are muti-functional and with flexable layout. The intriguing atmosphere and interesting design languages help artists to get more involved into the learning center. The limited space in the fuzzy boundary creates more possibility. For the reuse of mateirals was another main idea of this learning center. The old-aged texture may drive thoughts and create new thinkings. It generates rich experiences while facilitating human diversity. In the major studio, desks and chairs can be re-arranged in the storing space on the occasion of an exhibition. Old-aged wooden floor boards and lath bricks have been preserved on the ground made of tiles and concrete. Despite the small departure from initial concept due to cost-efficiency and time limit, users of this space recognize its multi-functional construction which inspires intriguing atmosphere and interesting stories.

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