Zalando Beauty Station

Designed by: Karen Kröger, Patrick Batek
For client: Zalando Beauty SE Floor area: 130.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

Understated but stringent looks. Inspiring, Insta-worthy backdrops reveal themselves moving through this beauty boutique, proudly designed by Batek Architects. The space is entirely customisable, offering dynamic arrangements for product presentations, pop-up events, beauty services and video shoots. Freely placeable stainless steel cubes are perfect for ad-hoc zoning, curated product showcasing and presentations. A long shelf, crafted by Smile Plastics from recycled plastic cups, draws the eye and serves as the showcase highlight. Central to the front retail area is an imposing solid concrete wash basin for customer use. Three floor-to-ceiling shelves made from stainless steel divide the shop floor. These pivot, either dividing the area in two with a secluded back area, or opening up the space completely. They are backed with full length mirrors that visually enlarge the room. Drawing the eye to the back of the space is the four metre long stainless steel beauty service table, with retractable mirrors. Privacy comes from a movable curtain made from light fabric. The low-key colour concept of cream, light beige, and grey to nude and natural shades, in harmony with the cement bonded industrial flooring and special, daylight repro ducing high colour index lighting, together create a gallery environment ideal for presenting exquisite beauty products. Suspended accent lights from PSLab sprinkle warm atmosphere throughout.

What’s unique about it

Our client is Germany’s biggest worldwide operating online fashion retailer who wanted to test the waters for a physical retail store selling their diverse range of beauty products, The brief was to create a multifunctional space that can host many functions – it should be able able to serve as a classic shop, a beauty parlor, a space for pop up events as well as for video shoots. When we started the project and first looked at the space we found that the previous tenant, a clothing store, had left a cramped room with lots of walls, shelves and ceiling installations –basically many small niches. - So the first thing we did was to rip everything out. We stripped the space to its bare minimum, allowed it to breathe and then designed a series of versatile interventions that allow for maxium flexibility. For everything we used neutral yet distinct materials that were left untreated so they would keep their authentic character and create a space that has an understated but stringent look, bearing closer resemblance to a gallery space than to a classic retail environment. We also made sure to make responsible material choices, for instance by choosing a material made of recycled plastic cups for the long feature shelf. And of course we placed extra importance on the lighting and used special, daylight reproducing, high colour index lighting to provide the ideal stage to let the customers of the store shine – just as much as the products themselves.

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