Designed by: I IN
For client: MASTERMIND JAPAN Floor area: 160.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

Inspired by the minimalistic brand's philosophy, I IN designed a space with minimal elements emphasized by monochrome color and light. The work space and the presentation areas are outlined by two identical layouts on two different floors. Each entrance with a contrasting space, creates different feeling between the front and back of the rooms, representing the character of each working space they occupy. Different lighting design for each floor allows for an effect like a three-dimensional composition of lines enhancing the textured surfaces of the jet-black wood, distributed throughout the space.

What’s unique about it

The office is about revealing the brand’s identity, presented in two different main functions divided within two of the floors of the building they occupy: working space and a presentation environment. Both spaces were asked by the client to have totally different atmospheres. Considering the strong brand’s recognition by its fashion society and consumers, which is related with minimal and high craftsmanship, I IN approached the design of the interior in two ways - emphasize on color and emphasize on lighting. Black and white are strongly incorporated colors in the core of the client, therefore the designers approached the fashion brand’s office as a solid space with bold impression. Its monochrome scheme and the luxury material choices helped creating an impression of juxtaposition between the two floors - one in white and the other one in black. The white floor was designed for the office working spaces with soft and environmental lighting comfortable for the inhabitants and the black floor became the presentation floor for new collections with strong background and dramatic lighting, similar to a photo shooting space.

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