The Folded Arcade, Shanghai

Designed by: Lukstudio
For client: U Concept Gallery Floor area: 260.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度学习空间

About the Project

Flanked by an atrium and a double-loaded corridor, the original all-glazed elongated lot has an inherent passage quality. In order to create a destination, Lukstudio introduces a trail of white walls with arched openings throughout the site, defining inward and outward spaces. Following one’s movement along the corridor, the storefront opens and closes alternatively. The fold seemingly extends the public corridor into the gallery space, inviting the passers-by to explore within. The simple form not only creates a rhythmical storefront, a spatial sequence in the store, but also provides ample vertical display surfaces and subtly-separated zones for flexibility.
While the arches guide views and movements fluidly in the open gallery, a wooden volume organizes all the other required programs and frees up the overall space. Walking in the gallery through the two entrances, one easily finds the café counter tucked under a wooden mezzanine. The white arches lead to an open classroom platform surrounded by the raised display aisles. During the weekend children’s drawing class, parents, friends or strangers alike would stand along the wooden balustrade of the elevated zone and observe the learning process from a close distance. The display aisles feature up to 20 different artists, each with a video introduction and a collection for sale. Climbing the wooden steps, one can continue to browse through the paintings in a more intimate attic while enjoy the view of the gallery below.

What’s unique about it

The gallery celebrates creativity with classes and events on a regular basis. A multi-functional space is required to accommodate an array of different usage while a strong spatial identity should also be established for the brand. The final design achieves the goals by using simple forms to provide a variety of spaces from ample gallery floor, an open classroom, a viewing mezzanine to intimate display corners, engaging different users to wander, ponder, learn or shop. During the week, the gallery functions mostly as a calm sanctuary for those who appreciates paintings. On the weekend, one artist will teach a children's painting workshop and the weekend after, the gallery will curate an exhibition of the artist and the students' work. An accompanying opening party will be held on the gallery floor, inviting parents, friends, kids and artists to exchange on their art experience. Whether the resulting experience is that of a private gallery, an art school or a public gathering place not only depends on the events of the day, but moreover on one’s state of mind. Although this folded arcade is small in area, we believe it is this kind of diverse social venues that inspires, encourages interactions and continues to cultivate creativity.

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