Avex Dance Studio, Tokyo

Designed by: DDAA Inc.
For client: Avex Inc. Floor area: 1196.36 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度健身俱乐部

About the Project

A planning for dance studio run by Avex Inc., one of the biggest music labels in Japan. Main functions of this floor are two dance studios, one big, one small, a physical training and voice training area, an entrance hall, a back room for management staff, and a studio for recording and photo shooting.

What’s unique about it

They can directly access from the entrance hall to the dance studios, and the entrance hall is usually used as a lounge for students and lecturers for their communication and as an office space for management staff. It is also possible to arrange a simple stage and seats in the same area by changing the layout of furniture, since they will hold several stages a year in this hall. The high counters as workspace can be easily moved by casters and the 8-figure-shaped sofa can be disassembled into pieces like a beaded choker and for an event occasion, it will be lined up by releasing some connections. The L-shaped sofa also can be disassembled and rearranged since it is an assembly of three small sofas fastened with a belt and a buckle. The stacking stools used at a meeting table have four different colors in the gray and blue colorway, and they can be stacked in a color gradation. In the training area, a gold truss frame is installed on the ceiling to hang instruments for bodyweight workout called TRX. In addition, the storage of balance balls that always occupy much space with their volume is designed as a partition.

Furniture in the entrance hall/training area is designed not only as they fulfill the functions required on the daily basis in their symbolic shapes, but based on the idea of "display and store" the required amount of furniture for the layout change.

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