Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin-si Gyeonggi-do

Designed by: N H D M / Nahyun Hwang + David Eugin Moon
For client: Nam June Paik Art Center Floor area: 1115.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度市政空间

About the Project

The renovation of the Nam June Paik Art Center is a new public space project in Yong-In, South Korea. The project attempts to redefine the role of institutional spaces in the city, establishing new multi-functional public areas within the museum. Engaging the ground floor of the Art Center that was previously only partially accessible, and the under-utilized residual space on the second floor around the circulation core, the project opens up the formerly hidden spaces of art to the public and provides the public with rooms to linger, interpret, and exchange, and inhabit the museum in new ways. Challenging the often passive museum lobby architecture, “Open Ground,” the new space on the ground floor, employs three large-scale programmatic zones with strong figural presence and spatial characteristics, designed to extend the duration and intensity that the public interacts with the art and its stories. Combined with reconfigurable elements the three buildings within the building also frame additional user amenities.

Located on the second floor enclosed amid the open gallery is a new space “Flux NJP Playspace,” an area of self learning and topical exploration that includes media integrated furnishings and infrastructure for projections and other future technologies. Curved wall provide immersive surfaces for projections and unexpected spaces for group or personal use and obscure the perception of the confines of the space and the minimum and unusual footprint of the site.

What’s unique about it

The project produces new experiences for the general public in the the portion of the existing building shell that was underutilized and inaccessible. The main elements are designed to be flexible and able to host a variety of artistic and community programs, such as seminars, workshops, neighborhood meetings, performances, readings etc. transforming the formerly rigid spaces of the government run institution into more welcoming spaces for the adjacent residents and the general public. The concept of the transformation of existing structures through a “building in a building” approach provokes a different approach towards working with the existing building stock, rather than through wasteful cycles of demolition and rebuilding. The design itself incorporates readily available materials but through dramatic integration of vitrines, functional elements, lighting and form, create a different realm within the cavernous shell of the existing building. The project integrates seminal digital media works by Nam June Paik as well as the allowance for other future technologies, through the open framework of the TV garden as well as the formal experimentation in the “Flux NJP Playspace.”

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