XYZ Lounge, Ghent

Designed by: Didier Fiúza Faustino // Mésarchitecture
For client: Liedts-Meesen Foundation Floor area: 360.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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Public Score
4.54 Function
4.70 Innovation
4.71 Creativity
© Felipe Ribon

Central nave and bar from the entrance

About the Project

The architectural intervention on the XYZ Lounge, a 360m² surface area, aims at redefining the use and the volumes of the public spaces: entrance hall, central nave and bar, lateral rooms and mezzanine platforms leading to the conference halls and meeting rooms. A made to measure metallic frame imposes a new outline for the space, supporting the walls and ceilings that have been brought in: stucco moldings, marble panels, textile ceilings, lighting surfaces and wood claddings. The lounge spans out into three spaces from the entrance: an open space on the left hand side, for cocktails and evening parties with a DJ including a projection screen, an adjoining bar below the central nave and a smaller open space on the right hand side with an access to the terrace. The furniture, designed specifically for the space, is composed of fixed elements made of marble (counter, islands and suspension lights), of high tables and chairs (varnished steel tubes, marble surfaces, leather seats) and of a series of rotomoulded seats in polypropylene.

What’s unique about it

The XYZ Lounge has been conceived as an interstice-space offering a new form of physicality and identity, a space of convergence and interaction where temporality is suspended. It is a space conducive to physical trajectories and a certain form of eroticism, at the center of which the bar spreads out, the spot of connections and disconnection, the anchoring point where people come and go. The marble, the stucco, and fabric, all clean materials, stage the encounters made within this in-between space, creating an envelope where the different tonalities call out to our carnal sensuality.
The furniture was specially designed in order to create a total universe.
The palettes of pink and green were used to bring contrast as well as neutralize themselves therefore giving the sensation of a place out of time and space. Their smoothness foes along with the curves of the marble bar and lines of the wall panels.

© David Boureau

Marble console for temporary bar and DJ set

© David Boureau

Left lateral room from the entrance

© Felipe Ribon

Right lateral room and high stools "Soylent green"

© Felipe Ribon

Left lateral room and chairs "Delete yourself"

© Felipe Ribon

Central nave and bar from the back

Didier Fiúza Faustino // Mésarchitecture

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