HEYTEA Xi'an Store

Designed by: TOMO Interior Design Firm
For client: HEYTEA Floor area: 320.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

There are three difficulties in the design of this case:

First of all, the original building structure has obvious defects. As the entrance to the outside of the shopping mall is close to the stairs, a part of the interior space is compressed to the lower part of the building stairs, which needs to be weakened by design.

Secondly, in terms of brand output and visual presentation, this case is surrounded by many well-known brand stores. Therefore, it is necessary to form a simple and prominent expression of the whole store's facade by means of design, which is more eye-catching in the store-lined market.

Third, there is no landscape and artistic installation at the outside entrance of the shopping mall, and the atmosphere is slightly cold. It is necessary to strengthen the popularity and promote the consumption atmosphere by setting up an external pendulum.

The interior area uses the reflection of matte stainless steel to enhance the modern tonality of the entire space, making the space look more functional. The space is subtly solved by the building cylinder, and the column is expressed by the special body block device, which makes the narrow space more rhythmic and interesting.

Designers use wheat ears and reeds to create a large area of landscape to enhance the experience atmosphere of the outward display area. In addition, the use of the new HAY finished chair highlights the quality and fashion of the furniture in the exterior area.

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