The Arrivals OutThere Lab

Designed by: Early Spring
For client: The Arrivals Floor area: 230.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for:

About the Project

Over hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have evolved primarily as an outdoor species. Due to advances in technology and innovation, human beings now spend 90% of their time indoors. This is a resource center powered by memories of once familiar climatic zones. Paired to each memory are corresponding pieces from The Arrival’s Release 6.0 - Oasis, a collection that harnesses distinct form, functionality and individual expression to reawaken your evolutionary sensibility to get back #outhere. The OutThere Lab.

What’s unique about it

We were focused on creating a space that manifests the consideration of form, function and material that goes into the product being sold. As such, thermal polycarbonate was chosen as the main material for the space. It harkens on the idea of insulation, and has the visual effect of blurring the lines between the individual and the elements. We created 5 distinct areas within the space - a welcome area, a transitional area to interact with guides and make purchases as well as three others that pair back to different micro climates - humid subtropical, desert, and mountain. Product in each of the micro climate zones is strategically paired with with merchandise appropriate for the climate. A portion of spending is being donated to the Bowery Mission, and material will be donated to local greenhouses at the conclusion of the pop up.

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