Urban Spaces

Designed by: Studio Komo - holistic interior affairs
For client: Urban Spaces Floor area: 800.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

60 workplaces, open kitchens, color-themed meeting rooms with extensive technical equipment. In the connecting atrium, an arena was built in, ideal for short, informal meetings. A new steel staircase links the two floors and leads up to the huge roof terrace. The reception of the coworking space was also equipped with a shop. Here, the modern work nomad finds everything he did not bring, from the envelope to the toothbrush. In order to improve the acoustics in the room, we have developed spatial filters that are covered with acoustically effective PET felt. The lamellas zone the rooms without taking the transparency away from them. In addition, the spaces provide the trolleys with a perfect parking space. To provide the coworkers a space for concentrated work, focus boxes were designed and some are equipped with swings. Here the workers can conduct confidential phone calls, for example, with the bank or the tax accountant or work concentrated in pairs. Particularly important to us was to equip the rooms with an armada of plants. These not only ensure an excellent feel-good factor, they also improve the air quality and create a link to nature. An extensive merchandising package completes the design of the Urban Space. In particular, a wayfinding system was developed and graphics were designed that give the rooms the finishing touches and, on top of that, decorate your own porcelain series. Overall, Urban Spaces is thus a holistic sweep, just as we like it.

What’s unique about it

We achieve a high level of functionality with a very classic remedy: Eiermann tables. These can be adjusted in height as desired and are a design classic. The special thing about our setting is: The frames were connected to each other through individual components specially developed for Urban Spaces. In addition, acoustically effective screens were designed by us. They zone the area of ​​the workers and hide the individual area. The acoustic screens are made of PET felt. The felts are made from old PET bottles. They are, so to speak, a double win-win: for the environment and the coworkers. The rooms housing the Urban Spaces date back to the 1960s. We broke up the rigid floor plan structure and brought it to life. What did not seem to save was turned into a timeless interior design. Important to know: The building threatened demolition! Today, the rooms exude a very unique flair. "Working without noticing that it is work"! The combination of event- and work-location is also special. In the modern world of work, these concepts are increasingly merging. The light-flooded atrium and the open kitchens can be used both as a workplace and as an event location. To give the rooms an independent design, the owners wanted a color scheme around the Barolo color palette by Caparol. Courageously, we designed the shop in a light rose and gave each meeting room a very unique appearance. To increase longevity, we used stone and terrazzo surfaces.

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