Future Bookstore

Designed by: Mur Mur Lab
For client: YUANJIAN HOLDINGS Floor area: 80.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

In Guli, a place of Jiangnan water town, Mur Mur Lab got a precious chance to design a small bookstore in a traditional house. Future Bookstore focus on the inspiration of the undetermined, hiding, and impermanency. Under the old traditional roof structure, Mur Mur designed another new roof. The new roof is like an unfolded book roll, spreading through the whole space. Two roofs shared similar logic of form, the ridge, the inner and outer cornice and clear volume of two slopes. Besides the comparability, it seemed to be completely unacquainted. Leaving the obvious outline of geometrical rules behind, the new roof composed a flow of curve in coherence with the river outside. The eave is going up and down, some are like a welcoming gesture, while some are like a protection screen. The circulation is designed to connect books and people together. Instead of pile of books, there are only several books showing on a transparent shelve. The way of obtaining knowledge changes from real books into more versatile information media. Space itself will tell the story, in an old, silent, monologue way of sensing and feeling. The Future Bookstore is a mini transmitter of imagination, bringing the experience of aesthetic to people in a graceful way.

What’s unique about it

The bookstore is not designed in a common way. Rather than following the aesthetic of traditional Chinese architecture, we chose to give this ordered space a graceful flow, an abstract image of an unfolded book roll. Space was reorganized by this new white and blue curved roof. At the entrance, the roof cantilivered out of the door. It is a gesture of welcoming the visitors. This part used the mirror stainless steel, reflecting the activities under the roof. The interior part of the roof was painted with white and blue stone-like coating, giving the surface a sense of roughness. Under the roof hanged a translucent curtain. The perforated metal net curtain not only divided the space but also blurred the boundaries of every function zone. It is like a veil, rendering a color of mysterious to this space. Visitors were welcomed to explore and experience the whole space in a comfortable way. There is only one bookshelf made from acrylic and white tubes. Every month, there will only be nine selected books exhibited on the shelf. The client hoped to minizie the presentation of the book, giving more blankness for the imagination and experience.

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