Beautiful harmony

Designed by: YUMI KUROTANI
For client: SHISEIDO Floor area: 0.16 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

Corporate window display The reason for creating this design is that we wanted to enhance the mood in Ginza where people gather from all over the world, starting from Shiseido’s show window when an era name changed from Heisei to Reiwa. New era, Reiwa, means “beautiful harmony” in English and it implies that "culture is born and nurtured as the people's hearts are beautifully drawn together. The Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building’s show window is designed for dynamic air that mixes different kinds of hopes and expectations in the town and beautiful harmony for the new era.

What’s unique about it

We used kinetic art so motifs spread and gather each time this display rotates. This is look like a kaleidoscope that is surrounded by mirrors. The latest system is invented for responding to each motor’s sequence in order to respond to multiple windows. In fact, a lot of people took a photo in front of this window display. Shiseido was born in Tokyo's Ginza district as Japan's first private Western-style pharmacy in 1872. We started participating fully in show window display when Shinzo Fukuhara was inaugurated as Shiseido president in 1915. Since then we have more than 100 years history. Show window was new at that time but Ginza was a place where people tried out a new thing. We used warm lights that the Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building has all the time from when this building was built as the latest artwork system in order to express a sense of time.

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