Microsoft Netherlands: Micro Polis

Designed by: D/DOCK
For client: Microsoft Netherlands Floor area: 8000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

“Micro Polis” is the new idea of a company headquarters, beyond what we know. It is an open Hub, a public place welcoming employees, partners, public, starters, scale-ups, students and children. It is the center of a new community and the source for digital transformation. This environment is in constant change where every area has a different style and atmosphere, it is a home away from home. The cutting edge of Microsofts technology is embedded in the building, which transforms the office into an intelligent environment which supports all the needs of the users connected. The design is not based on a workplace per person, but on hybrid usage. Another special aspect is that 80% of the existing furniture has been reused in the new design. MOTHER BOARD The 1st floor is open to public, super intelligent environment, totally hybrid. It is a coworking lab and a place to connect with partners, customers and visitors. The Restaurant can optimize the stock and waste based on the amount of people present. The Lab is an area for education which is available for schools and institutions for independent activities. The Stage is a big theatre which can be rented for events. The 5D HoloDeck is digital transformation itself, a unique space showcasing the most immersive technologies. THE HOME FLOORS These floors are designed by the level of noisyness and quietness, from a busy Meet&Greet lounge to The Silent Lounge. A unique partnership with Spaces ensures coworking and engagement.

What’s unique about it

1. This office has become a “Business Community” creating a strong interaction with the surrounding society and opening up to new business connections and opportunities; cooperation instead of competition. 2. If today we can work everywhere, why do we need an office? Because we need to feel surrounded by a community. A workspace must be a place where we WANT to go instead of a place we NEED to go. This space is very different, biophilic, warm, tactile, various in forms, colors and materials, to provide the right place for each mood, each work style and each individual. 3. The most flexible element in a space is us! This is one of the first offices which is not designed on FTEs or workplace per person, we developed a hybrid layout which combines several functions and possibilities. This gives people a feeling of freedom and ownership. 4. We reused and upcycled 80% of the existing furniture, maintaining several partitions and finishings; through the use of Smart Technology the office can control the use of energy, waste, but which also optimizes the human activities in the space. 5. The previous design of these offices was recognized as an icon of the new way of working, so within our task to renovate this, we decided to deal with our challenge with respect, trying to make an upgrade without erasing the memory and identity. We reused the yellow light rail upgrading it to fit new technologies, and bringing the “Fil Jaune” between past and future.

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