New York Dermatology Group, New York

Designed by: Brandon Haw Architecture
For client: New York Dermatology Group Floor area: 560.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度医疗保健中心

Public Score
6.39 Function
6.25 Innovation
6.35 Creativity

About the Project

The client acquired 7000 sq ft on the second floor of a landmarked building within Manhattan's historic ‘Ladies Mile’ district, the space comprised one open floor with ten magnificent windows overlooking the city. The new health and wellness center, integrates 8 treatment rooms, cryotherapy, blood work, bodywork and nutritionist rooms alongside a retail area, reception and other support spaces, whilst maintaining the volume of the original space. Analysing the requirements of the client, it soon became apparent that the programmatic requirements of the brief would fill the entire floor space if not designed efficiently. Developing a simple and strong concept, the treatment areas were placed inboard of the external windows, organizing the principle programmatic requirements within one freestanding enclosure sitting centrally within the space. Freeing up the perimeter to circulation, patients and staff pass along the long line of windows to enjoy the light, air and city views. The cladding to the free-floating pod housing the treatment rooms appears soft and sensuous, a counterpoint to the grittiness of the streets below. A unique cladding system was developed depicting the form of a curtain; with its undulating rhythmic lines, custom made from yachting fiberglass as if ‘frozen in time’. Our intention was to create spaces that would be calm and contemporary; a sanctuary from everyday life in the city...We designed everything to be organized and well-crafted functionally.

What’s unique about it

We integrated the complex needs of the client into a functional and architecturally compelling project, considering the existing conditions of the site, and utilising the light filled windows to great effect. The budget was limited as well as the time schedule. We therefore led the project from the outset, recognising that it would be essential to work closely with the construction team and fabricators. The design process was tightly integrated into the construction and procurement process, to produce innovative design solutions whilst meeting the aspirations of our client to successfully promote their approach to health and wellness.
The new center successfully fuses the functional needs, time and cost constraints, with the design and expressive content required to create a cohesive project, with a strong and singular identity. The needs of patients and staff were carefully considered not only to function well but to also touch the spirit. The spaces created are serene and calm and this was consciously achieved by paying great attention to each detail and junction, working closely with the fabricators and installers to ensure the project was constructible. This strong understanding of the way in which materials and finishes come together, how junctions are formed, and details achieved is the route of the success of the project, for it is only with this knowledge that the constraints of cost and time could be overcome to create a project of precision and beauty.

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