KWG Cohesion Co-working Space

Designed by: GWP Architects
For client: KWG Group Holdings Limited Floor area: 2686.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

The main entrance is designed as a series of semi-arch shapes, like an open book. Making such a setting at the main entrance implies opening the door of entrepreneurship, so that everyone who enters the space is infected by a strong sense of ritual, connecting people with a new space. In the reception, a multi-level open space is fixed with youthful, light and fashionable color system, decorated with warm colors soft outfit On both sides. Microphone is a small gadget that have ever been in many people’s childhood. Designers redesign the megaphone using color pipes to make the space decorated, but also to give space interaction. Through the addition of childlike elements, people could give the word after work. At this time, the partners, busying and lacking of communication, will become intimate because of this small trick. The interactive device walls in energetic yellow-green add entertainment to the space. The use of color makes the space no longer monotonous, but matching with dynamic color, the restricted space reveals infinite charm. Furthermore, through the use of color, designers influence users’ emotions in a subtle way, giving people emotional experience in a gentler way. To create an active working atmosphere, the office was given a touch of fresh light green. The unobtrusive and elegant blue-green fabrics on the wall of the conference room are matched with the fresh light green to create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

What’s unique about it

Before undertaking this project, the designers did a year and a half of research on incubation sharing space and visited more than 20 cities at home and abroad. The research fully analyzed the stages of incubation of sharing space from birth to evolution iterating to 3.0. The designers define this project as the 2.0 version of incubation of sharing space. The project takes "multiple connections" as design concept, aiming at connecting the relationship between people, space and regional culture by ingenious spatial design and moving lines. We hope that the entrepreneurs who work here can feel the delicacy and fun of design and have a good memory in the way of entrepreneurship. Throughout the project, we designed more than a dozen interesting punching spots and connected them with continuous walking lines. The entrance is the first design highlight, which we call it the entrepreneurship door. The general space programs in space applies multiple materials and colors, which could create an active atmosphere and makes the space full of vitality like Multi-functional ladder recreation area, tea room, office area, corridors. In addition, megaphone as childlike interest in the alley,fitness horizontal bar,catharsis room,cultural dialect wall,shuttle corridor are also program in the co-working space with multi-cultural elements which enable users to experience fun and special memories of working and resting in such immersed office space all the time.

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