Sarutahiko coffee Tachikawa Takashimaya S.C., Tokyo

For client: SARUTAHIKO COFFEE Co., Ltd. Floor area: 250.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

Sarutahiko Coffee started as a small specialty coffee shop in Ebisu, Tokyo with space only less than 30m2. It opened in 2011 with a concept of “Coffee store that makes happiness only with one cup of coffee”. After 7 years in 2018, they got an offer from Takashimaya shopping centre, which is one of the representative department stores in Japan, to open another store with 250m2. Sarutahiko Coffee has an attitude of keeping in mind to make people in front of them happy, and to come face-to-face with customers and coffee every day. This project started from a thought towards design that can convey their passion and hospitality more clearly to more people, even though size of the store has change.

What’s unique about it

Designing a new possibility of a shop in a department store, and a value of fulfilled time. Designing spatial region with a “blank” Provision of a large “blank” space clarifies the switching of space from other shops in the department store and common areas. It made possible to drag people into the world of Sarutahiko Coffee from a chaotic environment. Designing value of a cup of coffee with “motion” Sarutahiko Coffee provides passionate coffee. In order to show the motion of its preparation, we designed a central kitchen with moderate sense of tension like classy Japanese restaurant or sushi restaurant. By showing preparation of cup of coffee in a moderately tense atmosphere, and presenting the process where coffee getting ready to be served, it lifts a sense of expectation and joy, which leads to increase in value of cup of coffee. Living room like seating area In order to let customers to deeply taste the coffee, the seating area is designed to have laid back atmosphere. This space also creates sense of privacy and provides leisure time by applying a layout with thoughtful consideration to the distances to neighbors and people’s eye line. After accentuating an appeal of a cup of coffee with “blank” “motion” and a sense of tension, we can enjoy having coffee in a relaxed mood.

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