Havas Village

Designed by: Hammond Studio
For client: Havas Australia Floor area: 6000.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

Havas Village Sydney represents the physical manifestation of the Havas Group Vision: Better Together. At 121 Harrington Street, eight agencies have been brought together under one roof creating a vertical village where teams can leverage knowledge and talent across disciplines to better serve their clients. Located within the iconic heritage listed ‘Bushell’s Tea’ building the design is respectful of the heritage envelope. Spanning six levels, the floorplates are planned predominately as open plan workspace. Enclosed spaces where required are designed as freestanding timber pavilions within the existing built environment. The top floor inherits the heritage pitch roof and is a shared floor facility with client spaces and central Townhall space for the agencies below. The design narrative conceptualised by the word ‘blend’ offers dual meanings: Culturally ‘blend’ imbues a sense of ‘what brings us together’ - bringing together teams of people under one roof to create a village. Symbolically ‘Blend’ also pays homage to the building’s history as a place of making tea and recipe creation.

What’s unique about it

The design narrative enabled the seamless delivery of the concept into built space by informing the positioning of social spaces to encourage vertical movement through the building with distinct finishes palettes for each level derived from tea blends. The heritage nature of the building required an innovative approach to building methodologies, with built space and joinery constructed as freestanding objects with minimal connections to the heritage fabric. A suite of components was developed for the workplace with custom furniture solutions that responded to both the design brief and heritage constraints of the building. Furniture pieces were designed to be moveable and flexible to support the varying collaboration styles of the different agencies. The tea (finishes) palettes while unique to each floor sit complimentary as a cohesive whole enhancing the blend concept. Richly textured colours and materials used on the work floors are contrasted with a restrained palette on the top floor bringing a sense of surprise to the visitor as they transition through the levels. The design outcome compliments the historical function of the building while delivering a contemporary workplace for Havas.

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