CUT Doha, Qatar

Designed by: Marcel Wanders
For client: Sbe Floor area: 1010.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度餐厅

About the Project

Designed in a contemporary way, CUT Doha is a modern steakhouse by world renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck, featuring the interior architect and designer Langlois Muerinne “Happiness Club chairs”. A collection of 8 original contemporary lamps by Bisazza beautify the space, while Wanders also adds his touch with the “Love Chairs” throughout the restaurant.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, CUT Doha delivers innovation at every level through its unique culinary service and design combination. Boasting interior designs inspired by Qatar’s evoking sunset, CUT Doha is where locally-sourced ingredients, the finest selection of beef, beautiful presentations and tantalizing flavours meet in a setting that goes beyond imagination, thanks to Marcel Wanders’ outstanding design. CUT Doha delivers innovation at every level through its unique culinary, service and design combination with a menu that showcases Chef Wolfgang Puck’s philosophy of offering only the finest selection of ingredients- cooked simply and presented beautifully.

What’s unique about it

As guests enjoy breakfast at CUT, light from the Lobby Atrium streams through the five meter high perforated pivot doors. When the sun sets, the doors close and the magical light is locked away inside this sunset lounge for diners to enjoy. A memorable vintage point of the restaurant can be enjoyed whilst seated at the raised bar with a handcrafted cocktail, looking out through the window display at the “frozen sunset view”.

As the feature chef Wolfgang Puck, CUT remains the place that incarnates living flavours. To match such culinary art, Marcel Wanders has created showstopping pieces such as an eye-catching custom designed Bisazza Mosaic which catches the glimmers of sunset reflections beautifully. Depending on the desired mood, guests delight in different aspects of the sunset. An open community and chef’s table is enjoyed whilst seated at one of the bespoke carved wood chairs, watching a hive of activity within the open plan kitchen. However, if a more intimate experience is desired then guests choose from one of the custom designed circular booths. These accommodate generous banquette seating and are upholstered in the finest leather with capitone details. To complete the banquettes, giant cloud domes add the finishing touch.

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