For client: Culture Convenience Club Company, Limited Floor area: 4500.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

“TSUTAYA BOOKS”, a lifestyle bookstore, has taken on a project with us to open their 20th store, after renewing their type of enterprise, in Ebetsu City, Hokkaido Japan. The site is adjacent to “Four Seasons Promenade” in Ebetsu City and faces a forest thickly covered with large trees. The concept of the store is “A Forest Library to Enjoy a Slow-Life” and to create a place that proposes a lifestyle within a comfortable space. After completion of the building, events for residents have been planned out, nearly 50 events monthly and over 500 throughout the year, to contribute to the local culture, and it has played a central part in the local community offering much more than public buildings in the city. This building is not only a commercial facility selling goods but also a place striving to create and nurture a culture. This resonates with the resolution of the TSUTAYA BOOKS founder to “create places where people gather”, which is passed on to us as our response to the theme of Slow-Life of EBETSU TSUTAYA BOOKS.

What’s unique about it

In order to restrict the volume of the structure spanning 140 meters, the three blocks within the structure have been given five zones by displacing their plan and layout. By doing so, the structure constitutes a unified group, and the subdivisions within it are thought to be effective in attracting more people. Intending to create a contrast to the greenery of the surrounding natural environment, bricks from three local companies were used for the exterior finish material. We are expecting them to age beautifully with the extruded cement panel base on the side surface. The three blocks are assigned the themes of “Mind”, “Life”, and “Food” respectively, and the interior spaces are configured to enable visitors to appreciate a framed view of the forest and a sense of unity. The space creates a tranquil atmosphere for the visitors by utilizing raw materials: from the locally produced bricks, the concrete finished flooring, the exposed structural steel, furniture made with wood and steel, and to the lighting design.

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