Designed by: CASE-REAL
For client: MARUTAYA CO., LTD. Floor area: 4614.47 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

Most of the business hotels in Japan have turned into simply a place only to sleep. Our mission for this plan was to re-define what is needed for a contemporary business hotel. The key concepts was simply to create a place for good sleep and a relaxing quality time for people living in this ever changing society. To achieve this mission, we aimed first to create a calm atmosphere where the visitors can reset their minds, by designing a place not by adding elements, but by subtracting and organizing the elements that are essential. For example, after entering the large entrance gate, stands a simple and minimal lobby hall. This thought was kept through all of our design. Second, we have increased the common space. 2nd floor which has a long counter for the reception and cafe function was formerly a floor for guest rooms. So the ceiling is low but we replaced the facade side wall with a large window to increase incoming sunlight. Third, we create a warm atmospher to use the moss green key color. It can show different expressions depending on its lighting conditions and our guests can feel various scenes from time to time. Additionally the function of each guest room is kept to its minimum, but equipped with a high quality mattress. Lastly, this hotel complex has a French restaurant which serves extra-ordinary cuisines, and a contemporary art gallery. We have defined a “business hotel” as a place to provide good sleep and an environment to spend a rich time culture wise.

What’s unique about it

In general, hotels often aim for a luxurious or unusual atmosphere. Business hotels also tend to have this trend, or are often planned with a focus on economic efficiency only. From this point of view, it can be said that this hotel style that pursues quality time by carefully creating a minimal and simple space is very important. Modern business people live in a society full of information. In order for them to truly relax and concentrate on their work, we think they need a space where the elements of the interior are carefully arranged as in this case. Regarding materials and colors, we have used moss green as a key color this time and succeeded in giving this simple and minimal space moderately soft. In addition, the brass elements are partially combined to give the space an appropriate quality. Another important point of this project is a functional layout changes. The second floor, which was originally the guest room floor, has been changed to a common area. Additionally a French restaurant offering extra-ordinary cuisines and a former parking-lot converted into a contemporary art gallery have been annexed to the hotel, and we also designed them. These functional changes make it possible to create enough space to work relaxed and cultural wise time for the hotel.

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