Mistletoe of Tokyo

Designed by: DDAA
For client: Mistletoe Inc. Floor area: 485.20 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

Incubation office “Mistletoe of Tokyo” is never completed.It redefines the idea of an agile office and the relationship between clients and architects.By continuing to evolve with the users utilizing the standpoint of sustainability, DDAA and Mistletoe have discovered a new perspectives on office design. Venture capital company Mistletoe, foundered by Taizo Son, invests hundreds of millions of dollars in early-stage startups, trying to solve today's challenges, from how to use bathrooms to how to collect space debris.One consistent policy is that they are all actively facing the future and trying to improve the ways of thinking established in their respective fields.When DDAA was asked to refurbish Mistletoe's incubation office in Tokyo, the client's brief had been very different from the standard office concept.Rather than preparing desk space, he wanted an environment that facilitated “accidental” communications between VC resident innovators. DDAA's proposal is to create an unfinished "beta version" office by metabolizing. Generals buildings have a clear moment of completion, but not here.A place continues to change as architects continue to design to its user's requirements.

What’s unique about it

To make the metabolism of this place permanent, a new organization, DDAA LAB, was established through a partnership between architects and Mistletoie.Here, the “move fast and break things (Facebook's previous motto) ” attitude is adopted, and projects on “experimental future living space” are underway.Some of the earliest projects for this are movable kitchens and shower units, developed in collaboration with startup WOTA, to free up office from the water infrastructure.We have also started an experimental project on the possibility of an indoor farm in cooperation with PLANTIO, a startup that develops smart planters.It has the potential to solve Tokyo's inherent vacancy problem from a certain aspect. In addition, when Mistletoe needed stools for 100 participants, we've launched workshops to examine the functions of stools that guests need such as storing, changing height, placing drinks and laptops and so on, insted of buying 100 regular stools.We came up with a system to add over 100 new features to a typical Artek's Stool 60. In these ways, the space will continue changing by we continue to design involving Mistletoe and startups.Words for this space may be “beginning” or “partialy exists” more appropriate than “unfinished”.Changing this space feels like a natural evolution, not a vandalism.This building has a space makes you feel the energy to move forward that perfectly matches Mistletoe's mission to promote innovation that will change the next world.

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