Guanglian ICC Cloud Center

Designed by: Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang
For client: Baoding Guanglian Digital New Media Co., Ltd. Floor area: 2400.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

The ceiling is the visual focus of the whole space, and cloud is the theme for spatial experience, with parametric design to create a magnificent, smooth and vivid space. In this way, it creates a dynamic space that acts like a fluid body reminiscent of the respiration of living organisms and ever-changing forms of clouds.

Combining virtual and real forms, the designers create an emotional orientation that flows like the clouds, so that every user can experience the space through spiritual communication and dialogue. The multi-layered structure and relaxing working environment also make users feel safe and inspired. In addition to humanistic concern, it also unlocks people’s enthusiasm for work, enabling them to identify with their self-value, follow their real feelings and work happily.

What’s unique about it

The office spaces are there to serve people’s needs, who are the very center that needs to be taken care of. Based on a human-oriented concept, designers tried to create a free, open, dynamic and humane experience with this business incubator service platform. The core objective is to maximize the value of the space and provide emerging entrepreneurs in the high-tech industry with an efficient and vigorous working environment that inspires creative ideas, enhances creative thinking and allows people to relax and enjoy themselves, just like at home.

The first floor and the second floor are the shared service space of the office building. They consist of some functional areas. This kind of diversified shared social space boosts the vitality of the entire office area and the atmosphere for people to communicate with each other. It turns the space into a multifunction venue of communication that integrates function and humanity, creativity and technology, working and leisure, personalization and diversity, allowing the new-generation young business teams more possibilities to use the space.

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