Studio Writers

Submitted for: 年度新锐设计师

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5.86 Function
5.79 Innovation
5.85 Creativity

About the Designer

Studio Writers is a Seoul-based design studio founded in 2017, to provide interior-architecture, branding, and service design. After a series of successful independent hotel and restaurant projects in South Korea, founder Younglae Kim and members of the Writers joined forces to continue their passion for the hospitality industry.

Writers strive for designs that facilitate an integrated experience, through which the client’s story is narrated. To achieve this, they make a point of thinking from both the service provider and service consumer’s perspectives. It is important for them to create aesthetic, functional, and experiential balance through design thinking, and to design a process of service. Such design can best express one’s story, and when this story is delivered in its entirety to the customer, this can lead to an unforgettable experience.

Writers is continuously working with innovative chefs to showcase a series of restaurants, both within and outside of Korea. Such restaurants include the Michelin-starred Soigné, Ok-dong-sik and Atomix. Through these projects, Writers has strived to broaden the scope of the value provided by restaurants, and to create close communication between service providers and customers by sharing the process of food preparation and delivery via story telling. In addition, through projects such as LAIFLO and ATOMIX, Writers collaborates with various artists and designers, introducing their works and trying to create experiences together.

Why they’ve been nominated

Spaces in which hospitality service is conducted are different from other spaces. The question of “What is the most important factor for such a space?” will have been contemplated by many.

They believe people should be at the focal point of such consideration.
'Do the people working there feel comfortable?'
'Do guests enjoy the services and realize its value?'
'Does the environment complement the service provider, and make the guests curious about the service provider’s story?’
These are questions that they ask themselves in order to add value to a given space.

The average working hours of people in the service industry are higher than for other professions. Not only that, the nature of the work is both physically and emotionally consuming. They therefore believe that creating an environment in which workers can laugh a little bit more, and be proud of their work during their 8-14 hour shifts is pivotal to the success of the business.

This is why they focus on creating an environment that will increase efficiency, reduce inconvenience and facilitate service delivery by hashing out the complex service-delivery process. Furthermore, they put deep thought into figuring out what exactly the service is trying to show and try to come up with a way that will be the most attractive to its consumers. They believe this is the way to create a better hospitality industry and they will continue to act in accordance.

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