291 Photographs'

Designed by: LABOTORY
For client: 291 Photographs' Floor area: 439.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

291 Photographs’ is the space about select shop which is filled with camera and photograph. There are various program spaces - photo-selling, photo-display, book-selling, community, and camera-display zone. We thought about the terms of photograph as “captured moment of the past by lighting”. We identify three concepts that explain different kinds of spaces which have various moments and stories. The first one is “viewfinder”. Photographer looks through to compose the picture from this. Depend on the user, the focal point can be changed directly, and this principle improves the identity of space. To explain the process of set up focus, we overlapped transparent and translucence material in the space. It could make different spatial moment during the overlapping materials and colors. The second one is “frame”. It captures object, and represents the past. We thought about past is dim and vague, so we want to express this kind of feeling visually. We thought that past is memory which was built, so we give shape to past. The several layers of design element represent how we read the past. The last is “the flow of time” which include past, present, and future. As time goes by, we acquire experience, contacting with different people. In these various programming spaces, visitors can share their experience and thought, and it will bring a strong community. Finally, these three metaphors could be central idea or concept of 291 Photographs.

What’s unique about it

This select shop for camera and photograph celebrates the concept phrase ‘captured moment of the past by lighting’. From this concept phrase, our team in a project explored component of camera to express these elements metaphorically in this space. It could be a spatial place in which visitors remind the past, face up to the present, and look ahead the future. From this study, 291 Photographs’ is a special place for everyone by providing three different time zones, understanding the component of camera. Composed of warmth wood and an agile stainless vibration convey a sense of deep space perception. First, warmth wood material evokes to the past and in terms of physical sensation. From this idea, the space is constructed with a reinforced wood frame with repeated shapes that ensures a perfect continuity of the concept. Also, the choice of stainless vibration in the future zone is a technical as well as an aesthetic part.

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