Designed by: Spacemen
For client: Warren Wang Floor area: 820.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

As some retailers abandon their brick-and-mortar presence on the market, e-commerce brands are adding physical stores to their virtual offerings. By is a multi-functional experiential space – part retail part art gallery – for a brand with quirky merchandising techniques, like displaying menswear one day and changing it out completely the next, to exhibit pop art, such as character toy figurines.

Based on this constantly shifting output, a concept of contrasting materials, shapes and spaces was envisioned. A series of angular geometric display alcoves, for instance, are crowned with low-hanging, seemingly floating, illuminated ceilings made of stretch Barrisol. Inside these spaces, the floor consists of triangular tiles made of six contrasting types and colours of marble. Their outward facing walls are dressed with angular mirrors, camouflaged by reflections of the rest of the room making these display alcoves seemingly disappear when viewed from outside. This effect also brings emphasis to the products on display within. The fragments wrap around 3 columns that are stripped down to reveal existing red horizontal braces.

At the rear of the 820-m2 multi-brand fashion and collectible art shop, a flexible area was conceived for product launches and small fashion shows. Here, an installation of more than 600 recycled plastic shipping pallets can be converted into tiered seating and/or display, being moved and stacked as needed. The installation of pallets also conceals a 1m tall concrete stump that runs across the back of the store.

The raw grey epoxy flooring transitions into a white portal as we make our way towards the second half of the store. This retail focused area comprises of off-white terrazzo flooring with brass inserts, an open ceiling with a continuous linear aluminium grid, walls coated with textured grey plaster, and grey curtains adds a softer touch to the raw material palette of the space. A series of custom furniture constructed out of galvanised metal stud frames and anodised chrome boxes are used for display. These lightweight and durable materials were specifically chosen in order to ensure that these furniture were easy to move around if the need arose.

Two brass boxes that house the fitting rooms were inserted, one in the front and one in the back of the store. To accommodate the selfie-happy consumers, we deconstructed the notion of the fitting room and installed the mirrors outside of the fitting rooms and fitted each room with its own signature fluorescent light installation for customers to take a quick snap of themselves in the brand’s latest avant-garde gear inside.

What’s unique about it

Concept & Function

The spatial concept defies conventional retail rules by allowing the space to morph between so many functions yet retaining the brand’s high-streetwear aesthetics. Its chameleon-like quality is also reflected in the materiality, from the mirror clad alcoves that disappear, to the constantly shifting and changing re-stackable tiered display / amphitheater seating.


200m of metal studs were recycled from the previous shop during demolition and was used to create a series of display fixtures in the retail zone that displayed handbags, shoes, wallets and etc. While 600 used shipping pallets were stacked to create the multi-functional tiered display / seating area which could be restacked again and again to fulfill a variety of requirements by the store’s employees themselves.

Abandoned Site

Located in an underground space of a mall with a lot of the mall’s mechanicals running through the space with some the exposed pipes and ductwork near the back with 7-plus feet for headroom, most of which we camouflaged with our mirrored display alcoves or with hanging shipping pallets. The pallets were also used to cover up a 4-foot-high concrete patina that runs the length of the back which became the tiered area in a cost effective way.

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