Moncler, Dubai

Designed by: Gwenael Nicolas/ CURIOSITY
For client: MONCLER Floor area: 246.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度单一品牌店

About the Project

Moncler collaborated with Gwenael Nicolas, Curiosity, to open their first mono-brand boutique in Dubai, which strengthens the brand presence in Middle East area. Located inside the Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping centers and unavoidable stop-off point for luxury shopping, the visitors can meet “an iceberg in the desert”, embodying a combination of the heritage and the contemporary quality of the brand.
The façade welcomes visitors with a large, white stone like an iceberg floated in the huge atrium, which shows the viewer the essence of Moncler. Delicate stone cutting portrays the surface of broken ice blocks, which expresses beauty of nature.
Visitors are surprised by the vertical interior creating the significant contrast with an impression of the entrance when they come inside.
The very high ceiling gives the guests enjoyable experience like a forest exploration, with floating products displayed at different heights, which will naturally guide the visitors to find their favorite items and allow them fun to purchase.

What’s unique about it

Befitting to the first mono-brand boutique in Dubai, the façade needs to give huge impact and powerful impression emphasizing beauty of nature, as the essence of the brand. To express that essence, uncompromised technique was needed to make delicate stone cutting which expresses “an iceberg in the desert “. This large ice block symbolizes both brand essence and the striking appearance of warm down jacket boutique in the winterless dry region -an exclusive area for luxury shopping- as an ice-breaking store for the Middle Eastern market.

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