Passengers, Beijing

Designed by: Gentle Monster
For client: Gentle Monster Floor area: 128.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度快闪店

Public Score
5.51 Function
5.67 Innovation
5.95 Creativity

About the Project

The Gentle Monster pop up ‘Passengers’ depicts an imagination about a tribe of extra-terrestrial creatures that are no longer able to survive on their devastated planet and begins a journey to search for their next home on their only remaining ship.
Exploring different planets, they extract resource to create energy source, and develop space ships and plantoids(plant+android) they need for survival.
They travel in multiple spaceships, trading minerals and microorganisms for tools and materials necessary for their new settlement. As resourceful creatures, Traders can re-use these seemingly "useless" materials as assembly-parts for their spaceship and as wearable ornaments.
This particular pop-up location portrays the bustling arrival scene of the tribe’s journey that continues to other destinations around the world.
Aliens made of soft or rustic textural material next to silver hairline metal fixture furniture adds an odd balance. This contrast in material shows the future where the world may be technically advanced, but lives are still organic, animalistic and seeks survival as a weaker being.
A constantly rotating kinetic washing brush, which symbolizes the propeller for the ship, made of felt and pvc fringe adds movement and energy to the space. ‘Plantoid’ objects are the key element for this project which displays the synthesis of craft and technology.

What’s unique about it

It was Gentle Monster’s largest pop up and part of a worldwide campaign the brand operated for 2018. This project successfully carried the scene of the story and products with balance. The craftsmanship and delicate structure of the kinetic pieces pushed the boundaries of a temporary pop up space in to spatial experience.
It served its purpose not only as a commercially successful pop up but also as an experience visitors were curious and excited to learn about.
‘Plantoid’ pieces were an impactful example of the mix of craft and kinetic technology adding movement and life to the project.

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