Sarutahiko, Tokyo

Designed by: SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co., Ltd. Makoto Tanijiri + Ai Yoshida, Jun Takeda
For client: Sarutahiko coffee Floor area: 500.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度餐厅

About the Project

In the same way a chef’s performance and beautiful dishes bring out cuisine, this place exposes the process of coffee production and allows people to experience it by sight, sound, and scent while they enjoy their cup of coffee. Through the creation of these various environments, the location was designed to be a place that people can feel richness from their cup of coffee.

For Sarutahiko coffee, who has multiple of shops in Tokyo, this store in Chofu is their largest yet, and by being a hub with the roasting function, a unique approach called “Immersion exhibit” was applied to communicate thoughts of the coffee producers and the reality of the job site.

Learning from modern zoos, which show animal habitats as the main focus, “Immersion exhibit of the Coffee Shop” was installed. This includes system provides information to the public; such as how the kitchen, training room, bean storage area and roasting room can be observed through glass panes; information panels with guides and explanation of work process; or white boards that provide different cupping schedules. These elements convey and let people to enjoy the attraction of coffee on a fundamental level, together with carefully chosen books about coffee and photography book by Sebastião Salgado.

What’s unique about it

The shop’s interior was made to resemble a living room so visitors of all walks of life can feel it as “the most comfortable space”. By welcoming people with a carpet, they can physically experience sense of coming home, and with set up of seats like an Engawa (veranda of Japanese traditional houses), this space brings in the sense of living and relaxing. The intention of this design is to create a space where people can have richer experience of “Tasting the Space”, with a cup of coffee without feeling time pass them by.

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