Hele International Art Center, Wuhan

Designed by: Pone Architecture
For client: Wuhan Poly Floor area: 5435.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度学习空间

About the Project

Total project area: 5435m²,
First floor area: 2235m² , Story height: 3.4m,
Second floor area: 3200², Story height: 2.8m.
Teaching functions: supports courses for dancing, vocal music, piano playing, drum set, art, and theatrical performances.
In the earlier stage of the project, the owner of the project proposed 3 key demands:
1. The Art Center should not feature childlike fun. Instead, it should establish an image of professional education institution.
2. The design of the interior space should based on the feelings of children, which is different from the constrained and rigid style of traditional teaching environment.
3. The Art Center itself should be a space of art in the city.

What’s unique about it

⚫︎⚫︎Spatial scheming:
A teaching mode that breaks through the square block design in a conventional classrooms and brings space together in the form of arc more frequently
In addition to an independent stage in each classroom, we make sure there is also one in the public space.
⚫︎⚫︎Spatial dimensions:
In our vision, the art center is functionally an education facility, and spiritually a serene window of heart.
⚫︎An 8m cavity at the entrance leads you into the art space in a sense of ritual, a tranquil space that tells the holy nature of teaching, spreading out by light and touching every soul.
⚫︎The harmonious, humane dimensions of the classrooms make sure they do not make children feel afraid if they are vast, or pressed if they are narrow. Multi-functional variable combinations of furniture, more teaching modes, setting off children’s interest and curiosity in art.
⚫︎⚫︎Lighting design:
Lighting design is based on large smooth film
Soft lighting shows the most beautiful and most confident side of the figures and contour of dancers, well blending humans, space and art together, showing serenity in space like poems.
Finally,all humans are entitled to be linked with art, There are no boundaries. In terms of environmental design, we offer more venues and stages to encourage and activate the natural art potential inside children to grow.
Children learn rules in freedom, and know how enjoyable learning is in a fun space.

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