Dolce & Gabbana, Old Bond Street, London

Designed by: Gwenael Nicolas/ CURIOSITY
For client: DOLCE&GABBANA Floor area: 2311.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度单一品牌店

About the Project

The design of the Dolce&Gabbana store by Gwenael Nicolas is an ode to the city of London, from royalty to punk and a sense of dignity and avant-garde. Like an artist that would draw life size paintings, each room is a celebration of the beauty of nature: twisted, curved and exploded, the stones create unexpected compositions. From book-matched marble, areas set in mirrored walls that create an optical illusion of lack of depth, making them seem as light as a sheet of paper, to contrast to the dynamic of the natural stone. Products are displayed in large stone frames, floating in a mix of diffused light. Italian walnut creates the strength in the details of the displays.
A delicate oval stairway connects the spaces in an uninterrupted sequence of marble wedges that compose the pattern of stairs: seen from above or below, the stairway conjures the impression of a silk ribbon.
The ground floor widely open to the city invites the viewer to come inside, as you move up the building, the space becomes more intimate, finely transforming into personal space, an intimate apartment, where the creators will welcome their guests a distinctive discovery tour.
As the customer walks through a gallery-like space, a collection of precious artefacts surrounding the visitors.

What’s unique about it

Dolce&Gabbana London store project is a challenge of creativity, a challenge of redefining the boundaries of retail experience and Dolce&Gabbana's world by distorting, enhancing, twisting and highlighting reality or the perception of reality.
Art metaphors transform the retail experience with creative touch. A feeling of a handmade brush painting bestowed by the marble staircase, brings a twist inside the classic architecture.
The 'stroke of paint' revealed through the artisan stone-work is an invitation to discover the Sicilian world. Each floor reveals different ambiance and characters of the brand world, always with connection with the essence of the building's heritage and the spirit of the city.
The most striking feature is the oversized black and white graphical stones sourced from all over the world, which run throughout the boutique. The flooring looks like a powerful river carrying visitors from one space to the other.
Living in an age, where digital comes over physical experiences, Gwenael Nicolas created a space the visitor only fully understands by being there.
Providing the customer with the unique experience of being in a luxury retail environment where he can feel the sensibility of the space, allowing him an alteration.

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