Lighting Design of the Display Center of No. 1 Courtyard in Guangzhou Road, Heze

Designed by: Beijing Puri Lighting Design Co.,LTD.  
For client: Shandong Qinjian Real estate Co.,LTD. Floor area: 1600.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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Horseshoe Arched Entrance: The exaggeratively expanded horseshoe arched entrance becomes a visual focus that can not be ignored in visual sense, so that the overall architectural space no longer has the sales function only, but also possesses a secondary

About the Project

In order to create a certain kind of visual effects of fantasy, the lamps are divided into two types: one is the warm yellow color light of 3000K, the other is the adjustable lamps for totally different colors. Different from conventional methods, we adopt the vertical installation method, making them combined with the vertical rib of the curtain wall. Observed from the facade of the exterior, all the lamps are concealed. Of course, it also poses us with the difficulty to maximize anti-glaring effect in indoor environment. In addition, a large number of materials in the room are stainless steel plates with various reflectivity and texture, which add more difficulties to us.
The lamps are arranged on the vertical track in groups of three with an angle of 24°, 36° and 60° respectively. The combination of different lights makes the natural lighting and the key lighting coordinate with each other perfectly. The 3000K lamp and the full color conversion lamp are arranged on the tracks of different loops respectively in order to control them flexibly and more conveniently. There is a suspended diamond in the sandbox area, and the LED luminous ceilings tint the inside metal plates. The specially designed foot lamps at the bottom of the diamond highlight the red carpet on the basis of the glowing light of the track lamps, making the carpet in talking area attract people’s attention immediately. These rational techs help us have a perceptual dream.

What’s unique about it

It is visible that the designers follow the heart feeling as the origin, fully seek the potentials that break through the imagination, thus not only bringing breakthrough marvelous experience to Guangzhou Road·No.1 Courtyard, but also endowing Heze the possibility of becoming a creative symbol in real estate development in China.
Guangzhou Road·No.1 Courtyard is located at the intersection of Guangzhou Road and Minjiang Road in Heze Development Zone, which will soon become the new center of Heze City in the future. Even though many people have no interest in the newly-built urban commercial real estate projects in China's third-tier and fourth-tier cities, because of the special locality of the project, combined with the bold pursuit of the designers to the beautiful life of human beings in the future, as well as the deep perception to humanity and sustainability, it will certainly attract much attention, and it means that designers consider with the heart feeling as the design clue, thus it will become a proposal facing the future and generate the power of changing the world.
Undoubtedly, from the moment of encountering with the light, Guangzhou Road· No.1 Courtyard has been destined to start an attempt and exploration of comprehensively actuating the light potential which starts from vision but goes beyond vision. This is a new life experience and a design behavior of saluting the future.

Reception Desk: The creativity of design lies in letting the light wander between different objects, eliminate the conventional relationship between light and shadow between the mirrored stainless steel material and its different textures, and liberate th

Sand Table: The concise aesthetics and the latter diversity have fantastic transformation because of the different light attributes. Just as Beethoven's fifth symphony, it is rich in details, but still has a great and concise function that rules everythin

Sand Table: Hanging in the sand area of the air with the lens device as the landscaping concept, the inspiration source of the architecture comes not only from the oriental arch dome, but also is supplemented with the stainless steel mirror texture with t

Negotiation Area&Reception Desk: In and out of the space, light, people and time stand together as an integrated body, as if they have become the media with autoconduction. As the cohesion of the vision, art appreciation, imagination and other elements, a

Negotiation Area: The red carpet in the negotiation area peremptorily attracts our sights. On the basis of the floodlighting of the track lighting, the footlights with special designs at the bottom of the diamond emphasize and highlight the red carpet onc

Negotiation Area: The negotiation area with strong diamond cutting sense forms a dynamic image through the mirror material in the space to the human beings and objects in the space, and it will not generate the flowing visual effect because of the light a

Side Entrance: The overall space itself no longer belongs to the system description of some art style: either this or that, instead, the magical charm of light and color combines the installation method of hiding the lamp, making the space continue to emi

Side Entrance: The composition and distinction of space no longer belongs to the ground, but is suspended in a color block that replaces the intersection of the partition on the ground and follows the torsion trajectory of the object.

Building Façade: At night, anyone passing by the intersection of Guangzhou Road and Minjiang Road in Heze Development Zone will be attracted by the architectural space on a piece of water area that presents the artistic language features of the Russian su

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