Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort

Designed by: Going East
For client: Fosbury & Sons Floor area: 7000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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© Jeroen Verrecht

Love at first sight when we saw this masterpiece by Constantin Brodzki.

About the Project

When we started Fosbury & Sons, we set out to create a new kind of workplace, one that values the humanity of the people within its walls. But more than that, we wanted to create a space that no longer catered to an outdated view on work. We’ve grown dissatisfied with the status quo of what work has been and for so many continues to be. Work can be more than a monthly paycheque, than the food it brings to our table, than the sponsor of our basic needs and our escapism. With Fosbury & Sons—an office for the employee, for the individual, for the start-up, for the entrepreneur, and for the company both large and small—we want to create a renaissance of work. A place to collaborate, to celebrate, and to learn from one another; a place where you can come together, and a place to be apart. We are as much a product of our culture as we are the shapers of it and we want to build upon the culture that bred the office of the twentieth century, to see its flaws, and do better. To redefine a place of work into a place of purpose, into a place where a labour of love can be born.

We’ve chosen a modernist masterpiece by Constantin Brodzki as our first Brussels space—7000 m2 of infinite possibility to deliver a unique office experience. A love for vintage, design, refined architecture, food and art are entwined within our DNA.

What’s unique about it

When creating a design for Fosbury & Sons, we always start from what’s already there. When entering a Fosbury & Sons location, the interior design is always different, but the feeling should be the same: warm, vibrant, luxurious but not decadent, professional but not boring.

The space mainly functions as an office, but also as a restaurant, meeting room center, gathering place, sunday hideout or event venue. With the feeling of a boutique hotel, combined with the motivating vibe of a start-up hub, a lot can happen.

As a tribute to the building and the magnificent design of Brodzki & Wabbes, we did not try to mimic their greatness in materials. The wood we used for new furniture for example, is rough and pale on purpose, contrasting with the rosewood closets that were already there.

The result is not limited to tables and chairs, but Going East goes way beyond traditional office design. Books, candles (!), vases, flowers, ceramics, … a huge impact on the way Fosbury & Sons does not look like an office at all.

© Jeroen Verrecht

The reflection of the sun makes it even better.

© Jeroen Verrecht

Business & pleasure go hand in hand. Care for a game of pool?

© Jeroen Verrecht

Every office should have some service points, but why can't they not look like your kitchen goals?

© Jeroen Leurs

The beautiful original windows make the forest view even better.

© Jeroen Leurs

Tobias' Room, our smallest meeting room, on the 8th floor. Named after the beautiful chairs, by Tobias Scarpa

© Jeroen Leurs

Our Board Room. When organizing an offsite meeting, you know where to go.

© Jeroen Verrecht

The lounge in our Lobby. We work closely with local galeries to make empty walls flourish. This work is by Marcel Bélanger, courtesy of rodolphe janssen.

© Jeroen Verrecht

Don't be fooled and think this is living room. It's an office. Books, soft cushions, candles, ceramics, ... not your ordinary office.

© Jeroen Verrecht

A shared working space. The original rosewood casing perfectly match with the new contrasting pine desks.

Going East

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