Wushang Mall Cinema, Wuhan

Designed by: One Plus Partnership
For client: HUBEI XIANG SHENG YIN XING ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. Floor area: 2660.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: 年度娱乐场所

About the Project

The designers adopted the rotating motion of film reels as the theme of this cinema, captured and portrayed through an impactful and modernist movie-viewing environment.

In the lobby, huge round plates with a 2.8 metre diameter are arranged across the ceiling to form an enormous ceiling installation. The plates are arranged to overlap each other closely, and are placed in various heights. The wood pattern and lighting effect create a sense of movement and suspension, resembling film reels frozen in the midst of rotation.

The designers adopted an earthy tone as the main color, creating a mild and warm atmosphere. Stones in two shades of brown are used on the floor, aligning with the ceiling feature while darker stones imitate the shadows these plates cast on the floor. The linear floor pattern also strengthens the sense of movement of the ceiling, resulting in a dynamic atmosphere.

The plates next to the ticket counter descend to the ground, adding variety while subtly separating the ticket counter from the rest of the lobby.

Another earthy tone is also adopted in the rest area; sofas and coffee tables are in dark green, introducing a sense of elegance and calmness. The furniture is round and has smooth edges, echoing the round plates in the ceiling installation.

In the auditorium, ceiling and walls are all covered with small brown discs made from sound-absorbing panels. The discs seem to be flying towards the audience, creating a sense of speed and excitement.

What’s unique about it

Rounded forms are ubiquitous in interior design, but the designers in this instance have adopted an innovative expression of curves in this project. They accentuated the theme of rotating film reels by using a full circle as the dominant visual element, illustrated through huge round plates suspended from the ceiling. A complete circle is a design element that is difficult to handle because it introduces more limitations in the material and form of expression. Round shapes as a central design element could easily be deemed fancy, young and feminine; therefore, it was a challenge to demonstrate a sense of elegance in the form of full circles.

Despite the profuse use of round shapes in the cinema design, with careful choice of materials and arrangement of these circular elements, the designers have successfully created an elegant and stylish atmosphere. This modernistic application of circular installations has received very positive feedback from the users and media, as this rare expression of circles strikingly translates into a grand interior.

As the cinema space was originally a restaurant, the load-bearing capacity was insufficient for the heavy ceiling installation. Due to these restrictions, the originally larger round plates with 3-metre-diameter had to be made smaller and thinner, and placed in a more dispersed manner. The designers arranged them to overlap with each other at various heights, adding volume and a three-dimensional effect to the upper portion of the space.

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