Collabor8, Hamburg

Designed by: Ply Atelier
For client: Otto Group / Otto (GmbH & Co KG) Floor area: 1700.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: 年度共享办公空间

About the Project

PLY atelier designed a Co-Working Space at Otto Campus in Hamburg. Within the framework of ‘Kulturwandel 4.0’ the open space of 1700 m2 on the 8th floor of a former storage building was transformed into a collaboration-workspace with multiple scenarios for open and creative environments. The open space concept consists of key areas with different functions and has consistently no walls, except for the glass walls defining the meeting rooms.
In the heart of the space there is an arena that holds 100+ person with flexible furniture and multi media technology. The space is used for presentations, speeches or panel discussions and by closing the acoustic curtains the open space transforms into a cosy, secluded island.
The flexibility of the space was achieved through different sorts of workspaces, from quiet library-like work niches with height-adjustable tables and classic group-benches to the special-made flex-bench, a system of adjustable tables that form single, double or group workstations designed by PLY atelier.
For the additional areas such as lounges, quiet rooms and phone-niches the focus lay on acoustic innovations.
The space is open for all Otto Group companies and employees and is widely popular.

What’s unique about it

The space is very well received by the employees and is used by all age and status groups. It offers different kind of work environments, is thus very versatile and flexible. It is also a popular motiv in photo shoots and on social media channels.
In regard of sustainability and costs, we worked with inventory furniture out of Otto’s basement that were restaured, tuned and integrated into the concept (for example the meeting arm chairs, height-adjustable tables in the library).
The light concept combines different types of LED lighting, dimmable base-light and vintage industrial original lamps in order to create different scenarios in the space.
The smart use of acoustically effective materials in the upper part of the coffered ceilings, in the built-in furniture, or as wall cladding created an intimate and highly productive atmosphere even though the 1700 sqm space had no walls to shield sound.
The space is the beacon project, marking the beginning of otto group’s ‘Kulturwandel 4.0.’ enabling employees to explore their own boundaries in the digital and cultural change of the enterprise.

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