Panerai Slice of Time, Tokyo

Designed by: Nendo + Onndo / Taisuke Sumihiro
For client: Officine Panerai Floor area: 100.00 M² Year of completion: 2016
Nominated for: 年度展览设计

About the Project

Spatial installation for an Italian luxury watch brand Panerai.
It is an idea of converting "time" to "length" as much as "selling the scale of clocks", which makes the feeling of time possible, allowing the visitors “to carry their own time home".

What’s unique about it

A watch is designed like a transparent "empty shell" condensing the characteristics of Panerai, such as the index with one stroke digit or the case in a square form, and it is prolonged to a length of 16 metres by extrusion. While slicing this elongated "timepiece with an empty shell" little by little, a watch is made by hand and the finished items can be brought back by the visitors. At this time, the "age" of a visitor is converted into "mm" and then cut out, so clocks with various proportions are naturally created. A round atelier space is arranged for representing each production process, such as polishing, sandblasting, assembly, etc. While meshing and interlocking at the atelier, a watch is gradually completed as if a clock gear. The clock is made one by one in every five minutes, while the slender " timepiece “with an empty shell" gradually shortens during the exhibition period, and that the installation will end when all disappear. In other words, this "timepiece with an empty shell" is also a device to make time perceived like an hourglass.

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