PM Club, Sofia

Designed by: Studio Mode
For client: Hristo Dionisiev Floor area: 700.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: 年度酒吧

About the Project

PM Club is and always will be a temple of music. So come, pray in the temple, sins will be kept secret. Music is a way of thinking and is the ultimate policy of truth. Visitors bow at the door and awe at the dome. Consciously guests will follow the path to the altar where the almighty DJ greets and embraces them with the sound of music, experiencing darkness, light and infinity.

The club is located on the ground level of an old hotel building, built in 1962. The space, which Studio Mode shaped and organized, was complex and displayed technical challenges. The footprint of the main hall was a perfect square, which is said to be the most difficult shape for space organization. Up to the challenge, the design firm pushed their technical and engineering abilities to the boundaries in creating and assembling the ceiling cupola, with a diameter of 8.50 meters.

Studio Mode is the curator of the design and space organization. It is the keeper of ideology and faith in extraordinary creation. In the main hall the dome was placed right above the bar and instantly created the heart of the club. The result of the space and aesthetics approach is a foyer where up is down and vice versa and a main music hall where light, sound and the materialization of our ideas blend in one moment of infinity.

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