Jinke Oriental Aesthetics Chine Sales Center

Designed by: Beijing Zhijian Culture Communication Co.,Ltd
For client: Jinke Floor area: 2400.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

The inspiration of this design is from local street culture for cooperation, and the theme and style is experienced aesthetics. It fully expresses the spirit of Jinke brand, which is to build artistic space with modern oriental style conforming to experienced aesthetics.

The interior space is divided based on oval structure from architecture design. Oval shapes in different sizes are combined with visiting guideline of the sales center to create a sense of rhythm, fun and level. The interior design layout simulates the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau terrain, curve lines casually connect architecture, interior, gardening art into one unity.

Functional zones are also conformed with the oval shape space structure from plane to elevation. For example, the oval shaped doorway, Sinology House and bookshelves in oval shapes. White as the basic color weakens the ancient impression of a colorful Guizhou.

Sinology House and Little Theatre are two of the highlights. Surrounded by water and mountain in curve lines, the white clapboards spotted on the walls form a brand new storage system. They are just like the mountain shadows wriggle its way on the wall. The clapboards not only make fully use of vertical space to create more storage places for books, but endow the ordinary space with natural conception and oriental philosophy.

Soft decorations design follow the leisure and simple characters of oriental scholars.

What’s unique about it

Remember when tea houses could be found in every street of Guizhou, it’s popular to have a pot of tea and watch the storyteller’s show. This is a special part of Guizhou street culture. It is an epitome of the leisure and free daily life of Guizhou citizens.

Soft decorations design follow the leisure and simple characters of oriental scholars to show that modern design should have the responsibility to nourish life with culture. For example, the pottery, tea set, ikebana, incense lore and calligraphy, all these traditional arts should shine brightly in modern life. Playing, learning with joy, improving and coming to peace, this is another form of reflection on the Time. When commercial space carries oriental culture, all those cultural elements will guide and enlighten the modern people to pursuit art complex.

Material of high quality is the other way to show artistic style. Cotton, linen, leather along with some civil decorations create a simple natural delicate space. Natural wood color is the base tone, orange and blue are spotted inside to add vitality. Space levels then are clear within the contrast of colors.

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