Charlotte by PA Patisserie

Designed by: Beijing Zhijian Culture Communication Co.,Ltd
For client: Liz Floor area: 80.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

Without deliberately creating a sense of European-style thick, nor simply pursuing a low-key high-cold, the suitable French dessert shop came into being. The large area glass curtain wall makes the space get a very good division, also brings enough natural light on horizontal direction. At the same time, it also makes the building facade form a simple and prominent expression. The LOGO of the glowing font can easily catch the passers-by's attention. The small but comfortable dining terrace connects customers with the street. The combination of landscape and materials explains the collision between human and nature, showing the vitality of the whole dessert shop.

The smooth terrazzo counter can reflect the display in the shop, and the bar on the other side uses the architectural interspersed technique to embellish the bright leaping color among it, producing a different visual effect. The compact design of tables and chairs greatly saves the space in the shop. The smooth and concise lines exert the characteristics of the materials to the maximum, accompanied by strange lamps and lanterns, injecting the right aesthetic interest in a calm and restrained context, building a lively and brisk space atmosphere.

What’s unique about it

Apart from the use of new materials and processes, the individual interior space forms and structural characteristics are also the biggest highlights of the case. Entering the shop, the stereo geometrical modelling of wall and ceiling let people find themselves in an entirely new world. These shapes come from the designer's understanding of the dessert form from another angle, breaking the conventional pattern of horizontal and vertical, emphasizing the architectural styling sense, and opposing stereotypes, pursuing individuality and human feelings, metaphor and symbolism combined with bold use of decoration and color, constitute a unique design vocabulary to create fashion. And simple visual perception.

In addition, in terms of color collocation, the designer transforms abstract artistic expression into perceptive space language and jointly draw a powerful trend declaration. The lazy and healing pine green further emphasizes calm and fresh appearance, giving people a comfortable and natural feeling. Supplemented by saturated warm color of Christmas red as a supplement, adding a touch of enthusiasm and cool. The two forms sharp contrast extremely has the visual impact, from the blank canvas stands out, makes the space coruscate new life. Adding a strong and straight dark gray, let the whole natural transition and add a trace of elegant, quiet taste, inviting unlimited thinking and reverie.

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