Hyundai Capital Convention Hall, Seoul

Designed by: Gensler
For client: Hyundai Capital Floor area: 580.00 M² Year of completion: 2016
Nominated for: 最佳灯光运用

About the Project

Hyundai Capital commissioned the architect to design a custom 580-sq-m assembly space atop the South tower of their global headquarters in Seoul, Korea. The financial powerhouse desired an environment flexible enough to host large training sessions, company-wide meetings, guest lecturers, and employee parties.

Given near carte blanche to design the perfect space, the design team created a timeless, distraction-free venue - a space with no boundaries. Even with such liberties, the client’s wish list was kept close to heart in the design process: integrating cutting-edge technology, great acoustics and innovative lighting were of utmost importance. A particular request was to craft a visual experience that communicates the essence of Hyundai Capital’s minimalist yet forward-thinking brand.

Drawing inspiration from artists of the famed Light and Space movement - as well as classic photography cycloramas - a moulded acoustical plaster shell forms the basis for the interior of the Hall. A subtle nod to Hyundai Capital’s goal post logo is used to give rhythm to the space, and conceal technical equipment such as lighting and speakers.

What’s unique about it

The new Hyundai Convention Hall, completed in the summer of 2016, aims to blur the lines between art and architecture by changing one’s perception of materials, light and space. Inspired by the variety of events needing to be accommodated in the Hall, the design team aimed to create the most timeless, distraction-free venue it could imagine: a space with no boundaries.

The outer container is lined in felt panels to provide enhanced acoustic absorption, as well as a visual counterpoint to the more delicate and precious white shell. Impeccable craftsmanship, rigorous modularity and bespoke details, such as brass fasteners, allow for the most unexpected use of this industrial material. A double-height steel-clad box features sophisticated, retractable bleachers for ultimate flexibility. Behind the bleachers, the space also houses a state-of-the-art control room and a secret, futuristic-looking, presentation room.

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