Jury prize

Jinyi Cinemas, Guangzhou

Designed by: One Plus Partnership
For client: Guangzhou Jinyi Film & Television Media Co.,Ltd Floor area: 4143.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Awarded: 年度娱乐场所 Jury

About the Project

A meteor shower is a short-lived, but beautiful astronomical occurrence. The design is intended to pay tribute to filmmakers and remind the audience of the years of hard work behind each relatively short film.

The lobby features a large, stunning meteor shower installation. Long rectangular-cuboid decorations extend from the ceiling, mimicking the path of a meteor shower streaking through the sky. The cuboids point in two directions to enhance the vibrant, 3D atmosphere, and the edges are slanted to create an illusion of speed. Other features in the cinema, e.g. signage and tiles, are also slanted to match the ceiling decoration.

Walking through the corridor to reach the theatre, visitors encounter an abstraction of this astronomical event. The volumes are transformed to flat rectangular shapes made of stone, which appear to be growing from the ground. This new form is used to illustrate another possible configuration of the meteor shower in a dynamic fashion.

There is a unique portrayal of a meteor shower in each auditorium for the audience to have new experiences, e.g. rectangular wall decorations are installed in different ways to imitate shooting stars; the trails of the stars are different; seats are replaced by beds in an auditorium for the audience to lie down and enjoy the meteor shower before the movie starts.

What’s unique about it

The process of filmmaking reminds the designers of meteors. Movies are comprised of the hard work of a big team of people. The designers sought to pay tribute to the filmmakers through the design of this cinema and remind the audience of the passion and effort that goes into filmmaking.

Long rectangular cuboids form the ceiling, mimicking the motion of a meteor shower streaking through the night sky. As there are many cuboids all pointing downwards with a sharp edge, it would be too heavy and intimidating if plain color is applied. It would also look very flat and 2-dimensional if the entire ceiling is the same color. The designers then considered wood, but it was not feasible due to fire regulations. At last, aluminium plates were used, with a special treatment to add wood grain on top. Not only does the meteor shower look more 3-dimensional and realistic, it is also warmer and more humane.

A major challenge of the project was the variation in ceiling height; the ceiling was 5-metres and 8-metres high in different areas of the lobby. It was difficult to install the ceiling due to this significant difference in the heights. A metal structure was installed below the slab, which made it possible to install the aluminium ceiling feature at the same height, while hiding the electrical wires, tubes, vents, and everything wished to be hidden.

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